Efficiency #1


I've been going over your film with the starting point being what you had mentioned to me this spring on the phone....EFFICIENCY.  I agree this should be the foundation of everything we do. 

You mentioned...."Becoming more efficient, making the game more simple, not dribbling if you don't have to and moving the ball quicker," as things you'd like to focus on.  

I'm on the same page with you, the game favors the team who gets more easier shots than their opponent and almost always that comes from quick ball movement, spacing, and deliberate body movement of all 5 guys on the floor.  So for you to take the charge this summer as the leader of the Thunder and make that an initiative is awesome and will pay major dividends for you and your team!

As we can see in the chart below for you this past season, you are most efficient (like most players) when you make quick decisions with the ball: shoot, drive, pass.  Your "Effective Field Goal" percentage is off the charts at 58.8% and almost 10% higher than when you have the ball for 2-6 seconds. 

Of course you can't have the ball 0-2 seconds every play, thats not realistic.  But if you look, only 3.6 shots per game out of 20 total shots per game fall in this range.  So the focus would be to try and get more shots in this time frame, 0-2 seconds with the ball, which would drive efficiency through the roof.  So right now if out of your 20 shots per game, 3.6, come from 0-2 seconds with the ball, the aim would be to try to increase that to 6-8 shots per game.  And then the other 6-10 shots would come off more ball handling situations; PR, late clock, iso, transition, etc. 

Russ 0-2 Secs.png
Noah LaRoche