Film Session - Efficiency 0-2 Second Touches: Cutting Game


When we first met at your house the last thing you mentioned was that you'd like to be better at cutting off the ball.  I love it.  It's a great way to get easy points and even if you don't score off your cut, you suck the defense in allowing teammates to get uncontested shots.

This past season your scored 46 points off cuts and shot 67.7 FG% when you attempted a shot off a cut, your highest FG off any action.  For perspective, Giannis this past season scored 206 points off cuts! That's something you can get close to in my opinion and by doing so would open up your shooting, driving, and handle off PR game even more. 

Continue to leverage your great shooting ability with quickly attacking close-outs and cutting off the ball.   Here's an edit of some of your cuts from this past season. 

Continue to cut:  Off the post / after offensive rebounds / weak side on drives and PR from Russ

Keep up the great work!


PG Cuts .png
Noah LaRoche