Wednesday, June 27


Great work today.  You're finishing game was the best it's been because of your energy and concentration and your explosion on some of the dunks was awesome. 

Great reads on close-outs and decision making on rotations passing the ball.  Continue to make the 'right play' and then re-space with urgency.  You're work capacity is growing and pace is getting better. 

The step-back going left today where you got on balance was terrific.  That is something we need to continue to build on. 

And then, score tied 5-5 on the last game...You were exhausted and found a way to get the win, hitting two big free throws...It may seem like a small thing but that consistent effort at the end each day will pay-off over the summer. 

See you tomorrow.  We will do a light 'full-body' lift at 8am and then get on the court at 930am.  

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Noah LaRoche