Game Review vs. Charlotte


I’ve started to go through your games in greater detail this season. Great work so far. You’re 4th in the league in blocks and FG%…That’s a heck of an accomplishment!

Some notes from this past game that I will also talk about in the film.

Perimeter Defense 

·       Matched up on Miles Bridges at the 5 in second quarter.  He shot four wide open 3pt shots with no contest and made two of them.  We need to be able to defend the 3pt line to keep on the floor.  

·       Defending Multiple Efforts; make appropriate help and then recover 

PR Defense 

·       Length on PR, need to be able to disrupt the ball handler a little better

·       while still being able to recover to your man 


Blocked Shots

·       Great job Blocking shots without fouling


Low Man Defense 

·       Start to anticipate to rotate as the low-man sooner

·       Verticality on these rotations outside the Charge Circle


Relocation off Ball

·       Relocating with hands and feet ready off the ball, doing a great job of that.

·       Still need to clean up dunker positioning and movement. Try to stay low and keep the paint open for drives as much as possible.


Decisions off Screen

·       Great decisiveness rolling/cutting off the pin down screen, rolled immediately 


Free Throws

·       1 for 2…Hands look great, keep them high!

I know you have high expectations for yourself and I do too, but you can reach them!

Here’s film with my thoughts from last game. Text me if you have any questions or want to discuss. Talk soon!

Noah LaRoche