Video Recap - Game #1 vs. Dallas 5.18.18


Great win in game one versus Dallas.  You were aggressive from the start, it was awesome.  For some reason this game didn't load on synergy until yesterday so that's the reason you didn't get it before the Seattle game.  Before I move onto my thoughts about Seattle here are my thoughts on your game versus Dallas and also a video recap. 

Aggressive:  You were on attack in all 3-levels offensively; finishing/midrange/3pt shooting.  Continue to attack the paint, especially 'bigs' in PR and transition.  One thing to remember is not to avoid contact, but to initiate it, especially when you get the defender on your hip, our 'advantage finishing drill'.  You were able to get to the FT 7x's in the first half of this game and you had 20 points.  

Midrange: You attempted two step-back jumpers going left this game, both were missed short.  Remember going left to get both legs under you and shoot that shot just like you would your 'catch and shoot 3pt'  straight up and down, on balance, don't fall out left side.  On these shots I wouldn't think what 'do I have to do to make it' I would remind yourself, 'I don't care how I miss, but I'm not missing short and to the left'. 

PR: Snake opportunities to the middle are available, in particular when going left with the ball in your left hand, you have opportunities to come back middle to the right hand and expose the defense for driving opportunities to finish/fouled or kick to 3pt Shooters depending on the weak side help coverage. 

It makes sense to me now, why you seemed more passive last night in your game.  Let me know what's going on with your quad if you want to.  Hopefully nothing serious. 


Noah LaRoche