Yoga Flow & Strength Workout - Training Camp Day #1

Yoga Flow w/ Pennyx 10 Minutes 


Warm-Up x 4 Rounds  

·     Mini Band Donkey Kickx 20 Total (10 each Side)

·     Mini Bank From Pump  x 50 Total (soles of feet together, butterfly position on back)

·     Monster Walkx 20 total (10 forward 10 backward)

·      x 30 Seconds 



Strength Circuit #1 x 4 Rounds

·     Goblet Squat w/Bandx 10

·     Squat Jumpsx 5 

·     High Plank Shoulder Tapsx 20 Total (10 each side )



Strength Circuit #2 x 4 Round  

·     Incline Bench Press– Single Arm x 10 each arm

·     Med Ball Chest Passx 10

·     Kneeling Side Plank Holdsx 30 Seconds each side 



·     Sprint on every transition during Training Camp

o  Offense off the Ball: Get to the Corners

o  Offense with the Ball: Speed Dribble into Paint Drives or Drag PR

o  Defense off the ball: sprint back to paint

o  Defense on the ball: contain ball handler, get to change direction to buy time for team defense to get set


Noah LaRoche