Strength Workout - Monday April 16th, 2018

Round 1, 4 Sets: 

Deadlift: 10 reps -- USE Band, NOT Trap Bar

Step-ups w/Med Ball: 6 ea leg ( don't do what's shown in video, we have done this step-up with med ball together, let me know if you don't remember 

Modified Lunge into Hamstring Stretch : 5 breaths each position both legs 

Round 2, 4 Sets:

Half kneeling overhead press: 8 ea 

Band pull-aparts: 10 Reps 

Wall Slides: 8 reps -- slow and controlled… keep elbows on wall and breath through stretch

Round 3, 4 Sets

Med ball Complex: 10 ea -- Chest pass, left rotation, right rotation

Slider pike walk-outs: 3 reps forward and 3 reps back

Child's Pose Palms Up: 5 Breaths

Conditioning: ( Don't do what's shown in Video )

100 Calories on Air Dyne Bike: Under 9:30 Seconds 

Noah LaRoche