ON COURT WORKOUT - Monday April 16th, 2018


1 - Step Back Footwork

2 - Circle Finish

3 - PR Snake/Split 


1. Shooting / Warm-up

Mini-Band Around Ankles: Make 5 Shots from Mid-Range and then from 3pt line

- Left Corner / Left Wing / Top of Key / Right Wing / Left Wing

2. Footwork

Step Back w/ No Dribble: Make 5 Shots going right and going left from Mid-Range and then 3pt Line

- Left Wing / Top of Key / Right Wing 

3. Finishing

Circle Finish w/ One Dribble: Make 5 with Right Hand from 3 Spots and 5 with Left Hand from 3 spot 

-  Left Wing / Top of Key / Right Wing 

4. Random Finishing

Two sets, make 5 each Set, finishing off Random actions/situations 

5. Transition 3's

Make 10 Dribble transition 3's right down the middle 

6. Step Back Decision Making

Start with ball in left hand and right foot back at the top of key, after first dribble just will say: left, right, on nothing...If he doesn't say anything, that's a shot.  After game with left hand, move to right hand in same location of the floor.  Games to 3, misses a point for other team. 

Right Wing / Top of Key / Left Wing 

7. PR Snake

Top of key; snake every time and either make jumper or finish, you decide and imagination situation.  Also use 'pitter-patter' dribble to split. 

Make 10/13 

8. Deep Shooting

5 Spots, NBA 3pt.  Make 10/13 each spot. 



Noah LaRoche