Mercury vs. Sparks Breakdown - 9.12.17


Here is a breakdown of your first playoff game versus the Sparks.  Great battle, you guys are right there with them.  Many of the things in the film we have talked about the last couple days and during our time together.  


  • Control the defensive end with your communication and IQ every possession
  • Stance on and off the ball, be aware and engaged, always seeing both the ball and man, basic I know, but paramount
  • Physicality; great physicality on cutters 


  • Sprinting to screens rather than skipping, create as much space as possible from your defender,  make it an 8 foot sprint rather than a 4 foot skip/jog, the latter is easier to defend 
  • PR; continue to attack on PR and look for splits and change of direction opportunities (between the legs) to attack the screener's defender 
  • Cutting off the ball, great back cut in this edit 
  • Right foot pivot; becoming comfortable off that pivot if caught on it
Noah LaRoche