Mercury vs. Sparks 6.10.18 - Breakdown


Here is the game on 6.10.18 vs Sparks...Looking back should have done this one first, not sure why I didn't... great battle.  You guys are right there, great game for you.  A couple things to be mindful of: 

  • Beard's physicality, especially on down-screens
  • Cutting off the ball when Beard stunts
  • Your personal floor spacing, let's talk about that.  Mostly everything for you originates from the wing/slot area.  I'm interesting in talking about using more of the court to your advantage specifically spacing to the corners more before you move into DHO/Screens/PR 
  • UOB for you, shooters on weak side and up top will be available, they are packing the paint, make sure we have who we want up there for kick-outs
  • PR game was awesome, the defensive big played back a lot to protect BG roll while Beard chased over the top, allowing you clean looks at 3pt line


  • Great job on strong side shooter, faking at the ball and staying home
  • Transition defense, great job protecting paint and recovering to shooters to contest 
  • Weakside rotations; good job being aware, sometimes we don't scramble great out of rotations, lets talk about this
Noah LaRoche