Film Session -- Efficiency 0-2 Seconds -- Post Ups

Morning B, 

Continuing on the theme of making quick decisions with the ball in our hands, 0-2 seconds, where you're extremely effective.  EFG% is 57% and 2FG% 62%.... we move into your post-ups.  Obviously when you catch the ball in the mid-post outside the paint often times it pays to wait a second or two for cutters or double teams to show themselves before you enter a move...And once you do that you have an array of effective moves you score with. 

However times when you catch deep and get great position early, you're unstoppable.  This edit shows some of your post-ups when you either catch deep and score quick or catch mid-post and score quick not allowing your on-ball defender and the team defense to set and organize to stop you. 

Keep up the great work. 


BG Efficiency.png
Noah LaRoche