Film Session -- Efficiency 0-2 Second Touches -- Intro


I'm putting together a film series for you on efficiency not because you aren't but because you are efficient and we want to continue to emphasize it, and maybe even increase your efficiency. 

In the chart below you can see your EFG% (takes into count 3's made and 2's made) is highest when you make quick decisions, 0-2 seconds, with the ball, at 56.5%. 

That's not to say every time you get the ball, make a quick play, but the more shots you can take in that time range; post-ups, attacking close-outs, catch and shoots, etc....It will help increase your efficiency and ultimately impact winning which is what you're about.   Really the shots you want to limit are the possessions of 6+ seconds.  

This first edit is an intro of all the different situations where you can get quick and efficient shots by 'seeing the play' before you catch the ball; post-ups, catch and shoots, catch and go, catch and rip and cutting off the ball are all efficient ways to score.  

Keep up the great work!


Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 7.21.53 PM.png
Noah LaRoche