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Wednesday, June 20

Wednesday, June 20th 

Face and Shoot: This will be tough to stop and can up your drives to the paint off your post catches.  A dangerous look for you, continue to shoot this with confidence and balance and using your jab to keep defender off balance. 

Turnaround Over Right Shoulder with slight fade on left foot:  I like this move for you, you've shown you can make it and your percentages increase the closer you are to the basket when you shoot this. 

Up and Under Finish with right hand on the left side: Great touch and 'english' on this shot off the high glass. 

Finding Corner 3 Shooters off Post-Ups: Huge asset to your game and team, it will keep the 'low-man' honest on any attempted doubles from the baseline.  By facing out of the post and keeping the defense in front, you will have vision to see this available. 

Consistent Balance on Catch & Shoot:  You continue to do a great job being mindful about this, keep it up. 

Vertical Jump Pass:  Nicely done going straight up and down on your vertical jump pass today

Right Leg finish with left Hand:  Great job continuing to work on your right leg finishes especially on the left side of the basket. 

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Deep Practice

Great work this week, it's been a pleasure so far.  Each day we try to structure 'deep practice' for you.  You handle it well and it's the most beneficial way to grow in the long-run.  Although it can seem like a struggle sometimes, that's actually the feeling of long-term growth developing under the surface.  Keep it up, Noah. 

Deep Practice .png

Test Post

Welcome Blake, let's have a great summer!