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Integrity Hoops Off-Season NBA & College Player Development Programs

Santa Monica, Ca

Integrity Hoops is offering off-season development for college, NBA Development League, and NBA players this summer.  We work with some of the best players in the world in their off-season such as Russell Westbrook and Diana Taurasi.  

Each player will receive a personalized development program from film and statistical analysis. From there we will implement our plan through on-court instruction and athletic performance training.  

Our on-court portion of the program pulls together individual skill development with tactical development through small sided games of 2v2 and 3v3 and 5v5.  All training sessions are filmed and players will receive feedback of each session via film and statistical breakdown.  

Our athletic performance portion of the program combines basketball specific strength and conditioning work with a heavy dose of flexibility and mobility work. Recovery is also a major emphasis using nutrition and sleep tactics. 

Schedule: Monday – Friday & Saturday Mornings

Location: Saint Monica High School, Santa Monica CA

Times: TBA

Features: Holistic Approach to Basketball Development

  • Personal Development Program Book
  • Technical Skill Development
  • Tactical Skill Development 
  • Competitive Game Development 
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Nutrition
  • Individual Video Development Program

Cost: Contact for individualized pricing 

Discounts available for groups of teammates, and for an ongoing monthly training subscription.

Housing and Food: Needs to be coordinated by the athlete.

Portsmouth, NH

Summer Bootcamp is an intense, holistic basketball training program including strength and mobility training, recovery and nutrition education, individual skill training, team concept development, basketball IQ training, film analysis, daily competition, and weekly Mistake Makers 3v3 Game Day. 

Hours: The program includes 18 sessions totaling 36 hours on the court

Features: This program is designed to build habits that will last a lifetime, including how to fuel an athlete's body, warm up, increase strength and endurance, improve skills, analyze performance, make decisions under pressure, compete, and recover! The 4-day-per-week schedule is created for the serious player that desires to change their body, their skill level, and their mindset for next season. 

Schedule: Mon - Thurs June 26-July 27th 10am-12pm on the court

Location: Portsmouth High School

Cost: $720 

Discounts available:

Team Discount: 15% off per player for group of 4 or more

Internship Opportunity: Work as a staff member with Integrity Hoops youth and HS programs in trade for partial value of College Bootcamp.

Contact us for more info at