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Circle Finish - Wednesday 2.22.18

D, Here is an edit of the 'circle finish' we've been talking about and you were working on yesterday.  Bringing the ball up on one side of your shoulders and then circling down and up to finish on the other side of your shoulders.  Both Lillard and Irving have great concentration through the entire finish. 




Diana PR Snake and Split - Wednesday 2.21.18


Here are some examples where I think you settled and had opportunities to split, snake PR, or use your cross w/jab step move off PR.  Most often this happens where you're coming off ball screen going left and have ability to come back right.  Also I noted, sometimes you get going a little early before screener gets to you.  Mixed in are some examples of Lillard and Kyrie in similar situations you were in. 

I've used 2 terms: 

1) Snake and/or 2) Pitter-Patter Dribble 




Crossover w/ Jab - Tuesday 2.20.18

D, Here is the move we've been talking about and started to walk-through the last couple days.  You can use it in ISO/Transition situations or PR for best results. 




Clutch Shots - Tuesday 2.13.17

D, here are six 'clutch' shots I have for you to watch from this past year...I termed 'clutch' being the last 2 minutes of the 4th with the game 5 points or less...You're 4/6 in these situations which is a credit to your ability to focus in on the moment at hand. 



Workout - Friday 2.9.18

Today is the Day

D- Here is your personal webpage.  I will update it frequently and use it to communicate different type of information.  

Today is the day, only today can we focus and try to improve just a little bit.  Let's get it!